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Yorkshire family roots

A younger son of Henry Bint from Eaton in Berkshire was James Frederick Bint who was born in 1865. He, like his three brothers, was employed as a gamekeeper.

James married 16 year old Frances (Fanny) Rose Green (born 1872) from Pendock, Worcestershire at Upton upon Severn in 1888 and their first child Beatrice (1889) was born nearby. 

From 1890 to 1895 James Frederick Bint was employed as a gamekeeper for the Cadland House Estate, home to the Drummonds a Scottish banking family, on the edge of the New Forest and bordered by Southampton Water. His cottage was the Keeper's Lodge at what is now Stanswood Road, Fawley.

Three of his and Fanny's children were born at Old Keeper's Cottage, Edith May (1890), James Arthur (Arthur) (1893) and Dorothy Lily Bint (1894).  



A large part of Cadland House Estate is now the site of the Fawley Oil Refinery.The first Cadland House was built overlooking Southampton Water where the Esso Refinery now stands. It was designed by Henry Holland and its Park and grounds were planned by Capability Brown.

The present Cadland House was originally a fishing cottage called Boarn Hill Cottage. It has an interesting history including being burned down and rebuilt twice. The existing building was completed in 1935.

After the 2nd World War when Esso purchased and pulled down the original mansion, the fishing cottage inherited the name Cadland House. 

When James & Fanny's fourth child Percy was born in 1899 the family had moved to the North Yorkshire moors where James continued to work as a gamekeeper.

The 1901 census records gamekeeper James Frederick Bint's family as living at Westonby near Egton. Twins Alice and Charles were born there in the early part of 1901 followed by Gladys Violet in 1902. 

From around 1905 the family had moved to Bousdale House, Hutton Lowcross, described as the Gamekeeper's House on the 1911 census. It lies in acres of arable land and forestry in the foothills of Roseberry Topping between the village of Great Ayton (childhood home of Captain Cook) and the historic market town of Guisborough and today only one mile across the fields from the Cleveland Way.

The first child to be born there was Mina May Bint in 1905, followed by Lilian Mabel in 1906, the twins Sydney and Harold in 1910 and Albert Bint (1912).

James & Fanny Bint's  children were -

Beatrice Minnie 1889-1979 Born Castlemorton, Worcs. Married Francis Robinson (1886-1976) in 1909.
Edith May 1890-1903 Born Fawley, Hampshire Died at Whitby in 1903.
James Arthur 1893-1973 Born Hardley, Hampshire Married Luton girl Elsie Annie Reid (1889-1931) at Luton in 1917.
Dorothy Lily  1895-1983 Born Hardley, Hampshire Married Ernest W Oliver (1893-1983) at Guisborough in 1918.
Percy Henry  1899-1963 Born Whitby , Yorkshire Married Alice Annie Gabbitas at Nottinghamshire in 1918.
Alice Nora 1901-1985 Born Egton, Yorkshire Married William Francis Knight at Guisborough in 1920.
Charles Frederick 1901-1973 Born Egton, Yorkshire Married Doris Fletcher (1902-1980) at Guisborough in 1921.
Gladys Violet   1902-1973 Born Egton, Yorkshire Married George William Young  at Guisborough in 1923.
Mina May 1905-1923 Born Hutton, Yorkshire Married James Wheatman (1900-1973) at Guisborough in 1923.
Lilian Mabel 1906-1986 Born Hutton, Yorkshire Married John Seymour (1910-1972) at Cleveland in 1938.
Sydney Edward 1910-1974 Born Hutton, Yorkshire Married Vera Baxter (1912-1991) at Guisborough in 1929.
Harold William 1910-1976 Born Hutton, Yorkshire Married Sarah Elizabeth Hesslewood at Guisborough in 1932.
Albert John 1912-1983 Born Hutton, Yorkshire Married Bolton girl Eileen Mary Eastham at Doncaster in 1934.

By 1917 when Arthur Bint (1893) married Elsie Annie Reid at Luton, he gave his father's occupation as 'smallholder'. As the house at Hutton Lowcross would have come with his job as game-keeper we can probably assume that James Frederick's family had moved. It appears that they remained in the Guisborough area as most of their children were married there in the 1920s and early 30s. Frances (Fanny) Bint was still living in the Cleveland area when she died in 1952.

James (Arthur) Bint (1893-1973)

He had been registered as James Arthur Bint at his birth in the New Forest area of Hampshire but on the 1911 Pickering, North Yorkshire census the 19 year old gamekeeper was calling himself Arthur.

This is Keldy Castle where the employer of James (Arthur) Bint sometimes stayed. Arthur was working as a gamekeeper on the North Yorkshire moors in 1911. Only 14 miles from his parents' home at Hutton, Keldy is just 35 miles from York and today on the very edge of the North York Moors National Park. 

In 1890 Keldy Castle, at Cropton near Pickering, was in an area described as a shooting box belonging to the Liddells a Newcastle coal mine owning family. *A shooting box is a term used for a small country property in the UK popular with the upper classes and being used for organised hunting parties.By 1903 its owner was Hull's famous son, Sir James Reckitt of Reckitt and Colman.  The 1911 census shows the castle only occupied by servants. They were the farm bailiff, Ernest Hill and his family, which included Ernest's mother-in-law Sarah Ward listed as housekeeper.

Arthur Bint shared one of the servants' quarters with the housekeeper's son, farm waggoner 21 year old Edmund Ward.During the Second World War the castle became an army training camp. The site was then bought by the Forestry Commission in 1948 and they demolished many of the buildings. There is little left of the original castle save for a wall, the servants quarters and stables. It appears that Arthur Bint worked here as a gamekeeper before joining up as a gunner in the Royal Field Artillery during the First World War.

Arthur Bint married Elsie (Annie) Reid (bn 1889) at Luton in September 1917. She was the only child of Luton couple John & Annie Reid. John Reid, the son of a gardener who originated from Aberdeen and married a Luton girl, was born at Bangor, Wales when his parents worked there for a short time in 1862. He was employed as a letter carrier and postman and lived at 6 Ashton Road, Luton. His first wife, Luton born Annie, died when their daughter Elsie Annie was only 1 year old. John remarried in 1892. She was Lavinia Jane Martin (born 1870)from Barton, Bedfordshire.

Arthur and Elsie at their Luton 1917 wedding and Arthur's mother Fanny  (Granny Bint) (1872-1952) at Becket Road in 1945. (from Pamela & Richard Hyde via Paul)

When Elsie Annie Reid married Gunner James Arthur Bint at the Baptist's Union Chapel in Luton on the 8th of September 1917 she was then employed as a munitions worker. Her father's occupation was recorded as a postman and her father-in-law, James Frederick Bint, a smallholder. The young couple gave their address as 6 Ashton Road, Luton.

Their first two children, Arthur (Jack) Bint (1919) and Elsie M Bint (1920) were registered at Luton. By 1922 they had moved up to Guisborough, Yorkshire where James (Jim) Frederick (1922) and Edwin (1923-25) were born. Two more children were registered at Doncaster, Charles (Peter) (1925) and Edgar (1930).

Their mother Elsie (Annie) Bint died of meningitis at the Crookhill Isolation Hospital, Conisbrough in 1931. She was only 42 years old.

By 1935 James Arthur Bint had a new wife.

She was Florence Scott (1912) the daughter of farm labourer George Scott and twenty years younger than Arthur. Their first child Patricia was born at Doncaster in that year. She was followed by Ronald (1936), Gordon (1938), Sidney (1940), and Roy (1943). Paul Bint's father was Ronald (1936) who married Wendy Duncan at Doncaster in 1957

Dianne Bint who is the wife of Michael (born 1956), the eldest child of Gordon Bint (1938) and his wife Jean Tovell, who were married at Doncaster in 1955, relates that her husband has one brother and four sisters, one of whom now lives in Canada. (BMD records show that they were Linda (1957), Dianne (1959), Richard (1961), Michelle (1962) and Tracey (1964) - all born in Yorkshire.)

My husband's grandfather was born Arthur James Bint. His brother Charles later went on to form the bookies Bint and Raper in Doncaster. He also had a greyhound racing track where Arthur worked. There is a picture of Arthur with a greyhound and when I can I will email you it. He had around 11 or 12 children we are not sure. My father in law was part of his second set of children, being one of 5.

1) 29 year old Arthur with 1st wife Elsie (Annie) Reid who died in 1931.The children are Jack, Jim & Elsie and its 1922. (2) Arthur with 2nd wife Florence Scott and Jim's daughter. (3) Front - Florence Scott and Jack Bint's wife Phyllis. Back - Eldest son Jack and Arthur

James (Arthur) Bint (born 1893).    Photo of Jack (1919) with his maternal grandmother.   And Luton hats from Elsie Reid's home town. Arthur's mother-in-law worked in this local industry.


(1) Front row - Charles Bint, Pat's daughter Karen Lloyd, James Arthur Bint, Ron Bint. Back- Alan Lloyd, Doris Bint, Pat (Bint) Lloyd, Amy Bint, Sid Bint.(2) The Bint family of Arthur & Elsie with their Dad shortly before he died in 1973 - Jim, Jack, Peter, (front)  Edgar, Arthur, Elsie


(1) Arthur with son Edgar Bint (bn 1930) at his 1958 Scunthorpe marriage to Janet Wiles.  Edgar and Janet had four children, Helen 1959, Anthony 1961, Steven 1966 and Marie 1969.   (2) Jim Bint and Nellie Sobey in 1943.  (3) Paul's father Ron Bint (1936) at his marriage in 1957. (4) Phyllis and Jack


(1) Peter's son with his Yorkshire cousins. The baby is Richard and Pamela bottom left is believed to be Ron & Elsie (Bint) Perry's child. (2) Edgar & Janet's wedding. (3) Edgar & Peter


Charles Frederick Bint (1901-1973) Bookmaker

Another of Arthur's brothers, Charles Frederick Bint, married Doris Fletcher (1902-1980) in 1921 at Guisborough. They had six children. Their first Desmond Charles Bint (1921-1971) was registered at Guisborough, and his siblings, Frances (Frankie) Bint (1923-2009), Doris Bint (1925), Jean Bint (1929), Raymond Bint (1932) and Charles (1934-1934) at Doncaster.

Desmond Bint (1921) married Marion (Peggy) Cramner (bn 1924) at Doncaster in 1944. They had 4 children - Marie, Douglas, Dennis and David.

Frances (Frankie) Bint  married John C Barrett (1920-1949) at Doncaster in 1943. Her second marriage was to bookmaker Ralph Kirk Raper (1924-1993) at Doncaster in 1949.

Doris (Nina) Bint (1925) married Alfred Gee in 1940. Her second marriage was to Reginald Jackson at Doncaster in 1950. 

Jean Bint (1929) married William A (Tony) Tricklebank in 1953 at Doncaster.

Raymond Bint (1932) married Shirley (Sue?) Rogers at Doncaster in 1955.


Arthur's brother Percy Henry Bint (1899-1967) married Alice Annie Gabbitas (born Nottinghamshire 1894) at Sheffield in 1918. Their first son Kenneth James and daughter Peggy Frances (1921) were born in the Whitby area. Percy and Alice had moved to Worksop, Nottinghamshire when their other four children were baptised. They were  Lesley James (1923),  Percy (1924) Frank (1924) Eunice (1926)

His son Kenneth James Bint (1918-2003) who married Rotherham girl Janet Bessie Coleman (1922) at Worksop in 1940 was a sergeant in the RAF when his son Stephen Bint was born at Albert Street in Grantham, Lincolnshire in May 1944. Peggy (1921) married Lawrence Arthur Brewin (1912-2001) at Nottinghamshire in 1944.

Arthur's sister Dorothy (Dora) Lily Bint (1894-1976) married Guisborough born Ernest William Oliver (1893-1983) at Guisborough in 1918. They lived in the Cleveland area and had three children - Oswald Oliver (1919-1953), Dorothy Jenny Oliver (1919-1980), and Nancy Oliver (1927). Dorothy Jenny Oliver married Lawrence Goldborough (1920-1985) in 1941.

Another brother Harold William Bint (1910-1976) married Sarah Elizabeth Hesslewood (1909-1967) at Guisborough in 1932. They had four children - Denis M Bint (1933), Harold William Bint (1935-1978), Donald Bint (1937-1986) and Marie Bint (1941). Donald married Marian Honeywell in 1963.

Sarah Hesslewood (1909) who was from Lingdale was the daughter of Beverley born miner, Thomas Hesslewood and his wife Jane. My name is Wendy and my maiden name is Hesslewood. I’ve just discovered your family history pages on the internet. Wow - you have done a lot of research. I’m still taking all the information in and it’s lovely to be able track another of my Hesslewood clan. Sarah Elizabeth Hesslewood who married Harold William Bint (1910) is my 2nd cousin twice removed. The Hesslewood name is sometimes hard to track due to the ever changing spelling. Wendy Parker (nee Hesslewood) 17th May 2012

Sidney Edward Bint (1910-1974) married Guisborough girl Vera Baxter (1912-1991) at Guisborough in 1929. They lived in the Cleveland area and had around 14 children. Those we have recorded are Jean Bint (1929), Geoffrey Bint (1931), Eileen (1933), Joyce (1935), Freda (1936), Sheila (1939-2000)Edna (1942), Leslie Bint (1944), David Bint (1946), Edwin Bint (1947-2003), and Vera Bint (1948).

Alice Norah Bint (1901-1985) married Guisborough born William Francis Knight (1899-1989) at Guisborough in 1920. Their 13 children were all born in the Guisborough area.

Mina May Bint (1905-1923) married Guisborough born James Wheatman (1901-1945) at Guisborough in 1923. Tragically the 17 year old died within a few months of her wedding.

Lillian Mabel Bint (1906-1986) married John Seymour (1910-1986) in the Cleveland area in 1938. They do not appear to have have had any children.

Arthur's first daughter Elsie M Bint (1920) married Luton born Ronald Leslie Perry (1919-1998) at Luton in 1940. Their children are named as Richard and Pam Hyde in our photograph supplied by Marie.


James Frederick Bint in 1971

Arthur's eldest son Arthur (Jack) Bint (1919-1989) who was born at his mother's home town, Luton, married Phyllis Constance Wheeler (1917-1988) at Luton in 1938. They had three children, Dennis (1939), Patricia (1940) and Jacqueline (1943) and lived at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

His brother James (Jim) Frederick Bint (1922-2000) married Nellie Rose Sobey (1913-1998) at Hendon, Middlesex in 1943. They lived in the Harrow, Middlesex area and had four children. Their son David's birth was registered at Hendon, Middlesex in 1943 and John in 1945. Jim was a councilor at Harrow and met the Queen on at least two occasions, once at the opening of Harrow's Northwick Park Hospital in 1970 and again around 10 years later when a Harrow housing development was opened.


Helen Watkinson -Steven Bint - Janet Bint - Tony Bint - Marie Bint   and      Janet


Edgar, Rose & Peter                                            Emma, Marie & Janet -                          Anthony with Uncle Ron & Aunt Elsie


This is Steven Bint (my brother),  Uncle Ron Perry (Elsie's husband),   Edgar Bint,   Richard Hyde,   me,  Elsie,  Pam Hyde (Elsie's daughter)   Nellie Bint  &  Jim Bint   Janet Bint  -  at front Helen Watkinson (Bint)  &  Anthony Bint (Tony)      from Marie


Peter & Rose, Valerie & Richard                                                           Peter & Rose's South African family

Frankie Bint, the Raper Family and Amanda Staveley

Bookmaker Ralph Kirk Raper (1924-1993) married Frances (Frankie) Bint (1923-2009) the daughter of Charles Frederick Bint (1901-73) and Doris Fletcher (1902-1980) in 1949.  They had two children, Lynne Raper (1949) and John Raper (1951). In later years  Ralph and Frankie lived at Burntwood Grange, Sprotbrough, Doncaster. 

York Racecourse has a race named as a memorial to Ralph - the Ralph Raper Memorial Stakes at the Dante Festival held in May.

Lynne Raper (1949) married Robert A M Staveley (1944) at St Mary's Church, Sprotbrough on the 18th of October 1970. Robert was from the wealthy land-owning family who owned North Stainley Hall at Ripon and whose estate in the village of North Stainley had been a gift to his ancestors from Cardinal Wolsey. Robert founded the Lightwater Valley theme park, which featured such tempting rides as the Sewer Rat and the Black Widow’s Web.  Lynne was a champion show-jumper.

Robert and Lynne's daughter, and Frankie Bint's grand-daughter Amanda Staveley, was born in April 1973. 

On her mother's side is her indomitable grandmother Frances 'Frankie' Raper, a former clippie who gave up working on the buses only after her husband  -  a World War II Bomber Command Pathfinder  -  set up the biggest illegal betting shop in the North. Operating from a cellar in Doncaster, his takings sometimes reached £10,000 a day, which was huge money in the Fifties. Eventually, betting was legalised and he bought, among other baubles, Doncaster dog track. Grandma Raper, now a frail 85, looked after Amanda while her workaholic parents developed their business interests.      Daily Mail 2008

But (Prince) Andrew has yet to meet Grandma Raper, who looked after Amanda while her workaholic parents spent long hours developing their business interests, especially the Lightwater Valley theme park. Six years ago they sold out for £5 million, but retain ownership of the site.
So Andrew has yet to hear firsthand the story of how Granny Raper's husband, a former World War II pathfinder with Bomber Command, made his millions - allowing his wife to give up being a clippie - by setting up the biggest illegal betting shop in the North. 
Together with his father-in-law, (Charles Bint) a well-known gambler and backstreet bookie, Raper operated from a huge cellar in Doncaster, before taking over over an old  billiard hall in the town centre. Takings would average £5,000 to £10,000 a day - astronomical figures in the Fifties. Even the local bobbies did their bit, making a friendly phone call to warn of the annual check on the hall. Eventually betting was legalised and Amanda's grandfather branched out, bought Doncaster dog track and built the magnificent country house in Sprotbrough where his widow still lives.    
Daily Mail 2003

As a boarder at Queen Margaret's School near York she excelled academically and won a place to study modern languages at St Catharine's College, Cambridge. Then, it all went horribly wrong. The golden girl couldn't cope. She chucked in university and was admitted to hospital with stress. "I was very young. My grandfather died and I was in a very unhappy period."

She now specializes in getting deals from Middle Eastern investors to British companies and  helped negotiate a $4.7 billion investment in Barclays. She also helped crack another deal in which Dubai investors bought the Manchester City soccer team. Amanda is currently listed (2010) as the third on the list of wealthiest business women in the UK with a net worth of $107.7 million.


Amanda Staveley had a singular upbringing and says the the family wealth can be traced back to 1516 when Cardinal Wolsey handed the Staveleys a sizable chunk of land near Ripon in Yorkshire. Her father tackled the family's declining fortunes by opening a theme park on it. Indeed, Staveley's parents were workaholics and she spent much of her childhood with her maternal grandparents. Staveley's grandfather, Ralph Raper, made his millions running "the biggest illegal betting shop in the North" from a cellar in Doncaster. For Staveley, he remains a seminal influence: "He taught me everything", she says, including an appetite for risk that has led her into everything from broadband start-ups to firms majoring on Viagra substitutes. Staveley claims to have made her own first million aged 24, but she took a big hit during the dotcom bust and was forced to hire Kroll Associates to extricate her from the messy collapse of Aim-listed EuroTelecom. It's been a jagged graph of a career, "but her stock has risen exponentially again"  

Staveley, 35, who once rejected a marriage proposal from Prince Andrew, has had a roller-coaster career that has included several brushes with bankruptcy.  November 2008.


See her 2008 profile in the London Evening Standard


Daily Mail November 2008


An excerpt from gentlemen ranters.   Bill perhaps didn’t go on to much greater things after he left  Doncaster but was certainly a legend in his own lunchtime while he was there. With his partners in crime Leo White and Ron Cookson, he ran the famous Eastmid News Agency in Scot Lane  (home also of the Evening Post before it moved to North  Bridge).  

My old pal Peter Whittell, who has now achieved a lifetime’s ambition by being given his own pub (well, not quite: he helps out at the Jolly Farmers in Leavening, near Malton, which his daughter and son-in-law run), tells the wonderful story of when Bill - in the very hard winter of 1962-63, when virtually all sport including racing was wiped out for weeks on end - thought up a story with the help of Ralph Raper who ran the bookies shop next door. 

Bill  bought half a dozen white mice and some chalk, with which he drew ‘lanes’ on the floor of the shop and organised mouse racing which gave the punters something to bet on. The story and pictures were in virtually every national the next day. But Bill, never one to rest on his laurels, had another idea up his sleeve and got a second bite of the cherry by phoning the manageress of the local RSPCA, who was always good for a quote.  'Have you read the stories in today’s papers about them forcing mice to race? Don’t you think it’s cruel? Don’t you think it’s scandalous?’ So, another day, another story.  


Arthur's eldest sister Beatrice Minnie Bint (1890-1958) married Sneaton born Francis (Frank) Robinson (1887-1972) at

 Guisborough in 1909.

The 1911 census records them living at Home Farm Cottages, Grinkle, Loftus where he was employed as a cowman and Beatrice as 'assistant with milking'.

That year they had one child, 11 months old Eva May Robinson, who was born at Great Ayton. 

Four more children were added to their family - Beatrice (1911-2001), Edith (1912), Francis (1914) and Frances (1920). 84 year old Beatrice diedt Holderness, Yorkshire in 1958.  Beatrice and Frank Robinson at Nethby Farm. 


My Grandmother was Beatrice Flynn. She was the daughter of Frank and Minnie Robinson and was born at Hutton Gate, Guisborough. She died at the age of 90yrs in 2001. She lived most of her life at Normanby near Guisborough. Nicholas Hodgson September 2011. Photo from Nicholas    Left to right - Edie, Beatrice, Frank, Eva, Beatrice Minnie, and Rose.

Arthur's youngest brother, Albert John Bint (1912-1983), married Bolton girl Eileen Mary Eastham (1911-1991) at Doncaster in 1934. They had two children - John F Bint (1935) and Eric Bint (1936) Albert Bint came in April of 1932 from a small club called Pease & Partners (Lingdale). I am fairly sure they were a works team that blossomed for a short while, but I know little else about them. Albert made his debut for Whitby against Stockton on 21st April 1932 and scored the first of his 16 goals on October 7th, 1933 against Tow Law Town in the Northern League. Between 1926 and 1945 the club was known as Whitby United. In total Albert made 32 appearances for the club before his move to Doncaster Rovers. I don't have, at this time, a photo of Albert but as soon as I do I will get a copy to you. Neil Thaler - Club historian, Whitby Town FC.

* Pease & Partners were coal-mine owners throughout the North-East. They had collieries in Cleveland, two near Loftus and the Lingdale at Skelton.  Tom

Whitby joined the Northern League for the first time in 1893 only to return to the Cleveland Amateur League two seasons later. They returned to the Northern League in 1899 and won the Second Division the same season. Again, the cost of travelling forced the Club to leave the Northern League and for a time Whitby reverted to playing friendlies only, a step which put the club into near obscurity. After World War One, the town of Whitby had two clubs, both playing in the Scarborough and District League, Whitby Whitehall Swifts and Whitby Town. Ever conscious of Whitby’s more illustrious past, the two clubs decided to amalgamate in 1926 as Whitby United. The new club was admitted into the Northern League and the club's name was changed to Whitby Town in 1949.Albert John Bint. Born Guisborough 08/11/1912. Joined Doncaster Rovers from Whitby 1934. 7 starts, 2 goals (all League) season 1934-35. No Cup appearances. Later played for Thorne Colliery. Died Doncaster, 1983.  Neil Thaler


Jack & Phyllis Bint's Family

I am one of the daughters of Arthur Jack Bint (1919) and Phyllis Constance Mary Wheeler.  My name is Patricia Phyllis Wright (nee Bint). Jack & Phyllis had six children and 16 grandchildren and quite a few great grandchildren. I have attached some photos that you might want to add to your research and a couple that maybe somebody might be able to help with. In the black and white ones, the one with the lady and child, I think is my Dad (Jack 1919) and his mum (my grandmother ? )

The other one I am hoping someone will be able to identify for me.

These photos are very large and were found a few years ago in a old frame that my auntie Sis Perry (Bint) gave me. It fell off the wall and broke and that is how I discovered them.


James Frederick Bint who was born in 1865, and Jack Bint (1919) with Grandma Reid (photos from Pat Wright)



The second one is of us six (taken in 1998 ). At the back - Jacqueline , Patricia (me) – Louise ... Front - Anthony , Dennis , Julian. and finally as you can see that we are getting on a bit in years with a few spare parts but try and see each other when we can. That other was taken last month when my sisters and husbands went on holiday together. I was mesmerised by the site and know of some family members and I will make sure that my family get logged on .

I hope that this is of help to you and that somebody might give me some answers . Patricia Wright ( nee Bint ) 28/03/2013

Many thanks for sharing these with us Pat.  Does  anyone have anything to add here?   Suggestions or corrections would be very welcome.   Tom


Alice Nora Bint, 1901-1985, daughter of James & Fanny Bint, was born at Egton, Yorkshire. She married William Francis Knight at Guisborough in 1920.

This is a picture of my grandad William Knight with some of the grand and great grandkids of my Nanny, Alice Nora Knight (nee Bint), after her burial at St.Aidans, Boosbeck, Saltburn by the sea, in 1985, having been brought back from Lincoln. I myself am far right.     Dave Fell.

Alice Nora Knight (Bint) funeral 1985. The 10 of 13 surviving children, and Granny Bint.
The last of Alice Knight's (Bint) thirteen children, Doris Fell, passed away on 14th March 2017 aged 86. (from Dave Fell)
Arnold William Knight 1919-2003
The eldest child of Alice Nora Knight (Bint), Arnold Knight was a professional footballer with Tottenham Hotspur, Leeds United and Bradford City during the 1930s and 1940s.. (from Dave Fell)

And from Wikipedia...

Born in Guisborough, Knight played for Tottenham Hotspur, Leeds United, Plymouth Argyle and Bradford City. During his time with Bradford City he made seven appearances in the Football League.

He also guested during the War for Leeds United, Darlington, Aldershot and Queens Park Rangers.

Hi. I would like a little more info of the Bint family as my nana Elizabeth Frances Bint has just passed away. She was the daughter of Lillian Mabel Bint but was brought up by Granny Bint who I was brought up to believe, was Mabel's mam. Mabel married John Seymour. I met Mabel my great grandmother as I was brought up by my nana Elizabeth Frances.

Mabel was my great grandmother. Elizabeth Frances my nana was born 5th July 1926.
I would be very grateful for your help as I can't find anything on my great grandfather John Seymour.   Michelle   -      4th June 2014   

Hi Michelle. Sorry to hear about your Nana.  I cannot be of much help as I have no information about John Seymour other than he married Lilian Mabel Bint in 1938 when her daughter Elizabeth Frances was 12 years old. Perhaps one of our Yorkshire family who knows more may read this and contact you?      Tom




Graham Bint (1951), a great-grandson of James Frederick, has collected some memories from his uncle, William Young, and added a few of his own. Unfortunately there are no dates so we are hoping that another family member may recognise one or more of these relations and possibly help out.


"Charles Bint was a footman at Grey Towers, Nunthorpe. He later had funeral cars at Lingdale. He became a bookie and had a lot to do with Doncaster Dog Track." Was this Charles Frederick Bint (1901-1973) who married Doris Fletcher in 1921?   


"Sid Bint was a miner at North Skelton." Perhaps Sidney Bint (1910) who married Vera Baxter at Guisborough in 1929?


"Was Lonnie Bint, the musician and band-master, the son of Harold Bint?" Harold William Bint (1910) married Sarah Hesslewood at Guisborough in 1932. They had at least three sons, Denis M Bint (1933), Harold W Bint (1935), and Donald Bint (1937).


"Albert Bint was a professional footballer. He played for Doncaster Rovers when they were in the 2nd Division in 1934." Was this the Albert J Bint, who was born in 1912 at Guisborough, and married Eileen Eastham at Doncaster in 1934?


"Aunt Alice Bint was later Alice Knight of Lindale, North Yorkshire." Alice Norah Bint married William Knight at Guisborough in 1920.


 "Aunt Dora was later Dora Oliver of Eston, Middlesborough." Dorothy Lily Bint married Ernest Oliver at Guisborough in 1918.


"Aunt Mim was at Netherby Farm, Ladgate Lane, Middlesborough."   


My grandma is Marion Bint, known as Peggy to her friends and family, she was married to Desmond Charles Bint. His parents were Charles Frederick Bint and Doris Bint . Regards Michelle  October 2010


One of the conversations I had with Peggy (Desmond's widow) was about the band master Lonnie or Donnie Bint. Yes, he did have a band. I also forgot to mention the boxers in our family. I'm told James Arthur did as did his son Jack, my father (Ronald) and myself.    Paul Bint 


The photographs above are from the collections of Marie and Paul and several from Patricia Wright.

see Paul Bint's Photo Collection


Denis Charles Bint 1920 - 2000.   Denis's mother was James Frederick Bint's daughter and Arthur's sister, Gladys Violet Bint (1902). She gave birth to him at Sunnyfield House, a maternity hospital at Guisborough, Yorks on the 2nd of April 1920.

16 year old Gladys was single at the time and gave her occupation on the birth certificate as domestic servant and her address as the Plough Inn at Moorsholm. Her boy-friend was Moorsholm iron miner's son George William Young who at the time of the birth was serving with the British Army in India. They had to wait for his return three years later before being able to marry at Guisborough in 1923.

 George and Gladys were to have four more children - William, George, Albert and Pauline.

"Dad did have the chance to change his surname but in those days it was a complicated affair and declined to do so." Graham

During the 1930s the family were at Combe Bank Farm, Boosbeck near Guisborough in North Yorkshire. In 1937 a work-force was required by an expat from Australia to run Aylworth Farm in the Cotswolds village of Naunton. The family moved there and it was from that address that Denis Bint joined the RAF in April 1938.


The photo on the left shows Denis's brother William, father George Young, (on crutches after a motor-cycle accident), mother Gladys Violet, AC Denis Bint, and in the front are brothers, George and Albert Young. It was taken at Alworth Farm, Naunton, Gloucestershire in 1938. The view on the right shows Denis's son Graham (1951) with his grandmother Gladys Violet Young at Wallis's Caravan site, Cayton Bay, Scarborough, Yorkshire in 1954.


During World War 2 James Frederick's grandson Denis Charles Bint (Charlie) (born 1920), an RAF bomb aimer, flew out of Elsham Wolds with Pilot Officer Jimmy Griffiths and his crew for 30 operations with 576 Squadron a part of the RAF's Bomber Command. 576 Squadron was formed at Elsham Wolds on November 25, 1943 during the height of the Battle of Berlin, as a unit of No 1 Group Bomber Command under the command of Wing Commander G T B Clayton DFC.

They started operations beginning in the night of 2 to 3 December 1943, when seven Avro Lancasters were send out to bomb Berlin. 

On April 30th 1944 LM527 was their aircraft, and the target the largest Luftwaffe bomb and ammunition dump at Maintenon in Northern France. Lancaster LM527 flown by P/O Jimmy Griffiths and his crew struck the perimeter fence on take off and damaged the undercarriage and undersurfaces of the aircraft. It proved impossible to lock down one wheel of the undercarriage. The hydraulics failed and the bomb doors would not open. The crew were ordered to head the aircraft out to sea and bale out over land. They luckily managed to parachute safely over Lincolnshire and the plane is believed to have crashed into the North Sea.

His crew-mates were ..




Bomb Aimer SGT D C BINT 

Wireless Op SGT W J McARTHY 

Air Gunner SGT   M LANGMEAD 

Air Gunner SGT   T JAGO 

The mission was a success for the other aircraft on that raid. Bombing took place from between 6,500 ft and 8,000ft at around midnight and was very accurate with the target obliterated in a sea of explosions that were still visible as the bombers returned over the Channel. The raid was entirely successful with the ammunition dump completely destroyed. None of the nearby housing was hit. During the attack no flak, searchlights or fighters were seen. Sqdn Leader Davison was the first to land at Elsham Wolds at 01:55. All aircraft returned safely to base.   See Jimmy Griffiths's account

In April 1944 576 squadron's efforts were concentrated in bombing railway communications and military installations in preparation for the D Day landings on the 6th June 1944.

Throughout the summer of 1944 most of its operations were in direct support of the land forces in the field and also against German V weapon facilities and oil and fuel production and storage facilities. Many of these operations were carried out in daylight.

During its brief period of existence 576 Squadron operated only one type of aircraft, the Avro Lancaster four-engined heavy bomber. It carried out 2,788 operation sorties with the Lancaster, with the loss of 66 aircraft. The last bombs of the squadron were dropped on 25 April 1945, when 23 of the squadrons aircraft bombed Hitler's mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden, their last operational mission was a food dropping to the starving Dutch people in Rotterdam on 7 May 1945. 576 Squadron was disbanded at Fiskerton on 13 September 1945.

Denis Bint was extremely fortunate to complete his hazardous 30 missions. He was in the lucky 40 per cent of aircrew who survived the war unscathed. His squadron was disbanded at Fiskerton on the 13th September 1945. It had participated in 189 bombing operations and 2 mine-laying operations. 2788 sorties had been flown for the loss of 66 aircraft. In addition 9 aircraft were destroyed in crashes in Britain.

Some 125,000 aircrew served in Bomber Command in WW2, of whom 73,700 became casualties - a staggering 60 per cent. Of this total 63,750 occurred on operations, the others suffering during training or associated flying duties. In all 55,000 died, more than 47,000 of them on operational missions, more than 9800 others were taken prisoner. The other 8400 or so were those who returned wounded or were injured in accidents.

Denis had married Winifred Grace Brookes (1915) in January 1942. He was demobbed from the RAF in January 1946. Their son Graham, who was born in 1951 relates "After the war all the family returned to Boosbeck, North Yorkshire and lived in close proximity to one another before moving on to Middlesbrough and surrounding areas. Dad wasn't employed directly by ICI but spent a significant part of his working life in construction of chemical plants around the area while in the employment of Holst construction."

Denis passed away in January 2000 and Winifred in April 2003.

Denis's son Graham Bint (1951) married Linda Whitton (1952) in 1972. They have two sons, James Bint (1973) and Gary Paul Bint (1976).




It is with our gratitude - the Yorkshire Bint family wish to give many thanks to Tom Bint for all his input into our family history and to Teddi from Canada for asking 'who are these kids from Yorkshire?' That simple one question has brought this family back together. Many thanks R.P. (Paul) Bint January 2011

Its mainly due to your energy and input Paul. We have both certainly made loads of progress since you first contacted me in October 2010.    Tom



If anyone has any information or photos to add to this Yorkshire Bint family history - all will be gratefully accepted.




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