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       William Bint & Rose Rawlinson
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William Bint (1880-1966)
was born on the 18th of July 1880, the son of Philip & Charlotte Bint, who migrated to New Zealand from London on the Cardigan Castle in 1876. 24 year old William purchased a 140 acre coast farm from Mrs Simpson at Tataraimaka in August 1904.
He married Rose Rawlinson at the Rawlinson residence at Tariki Road, Inglewood on the 20th of June 1907.
Rose who was born in 1889, was the daughter of George Rawlinson and Sarah Ann Chapman who had also migrated from the UK. They had eight children, Claude William 1908-1982, Grace 1910-1924, Dorothy Rose 1912, Joyce 1914, Keith Alexander 1920, Ronald Cecil 1922, Louisa Ruth 1924, and Reginald George 1927.

Philip & Eliza Bint 
George Bint 
Charlotte Hayward 
Walter Bint 
Catherine Smith 
James Bint 
Lester Bint 
 William Bint

Bertha Bint

Bint Family UK

Claude William Bint (1908-1982) married Violet Betty Pearse (1919) at Inglewood in 1938. They had six children all born at Waitara, Brian (1939), Isobel (1940), Valerie (1942), Kevin (1945), Janice (1950) and Dellys (1952).

Joyce Evelyn Bint (1914) married Barry Old (1915) from New Plymouth. Barry was a member of the winning four in four New Zealand rowing championships, and also won a New Zealand chopping title. He served in WWII as a private with the 22nd Battalion, 2nd NZEF. They had three children, Graeme Leonard Old, Allan William, and Rosemary Ann.

Reginald Bint, William's youngest and the 8th child, married Gwendoline 'Betty' Randell, and had three boys, James Rodney Bint (1951), Barry Martin Bint (1953), and Neville John Bint (1957)


    A family gathering with grandma Charlotte in the centre, and Will Bint on the Zig-Zag pass near Tarata (Stephanie's collection)


Beyond Kaimata, Junction road continues for about five miles, and passes over a most picturesque zigzag to the settlement of Tarata, between which and Inglewood there is daily communication by coach. Originally, the site of the village of Kaimata and of the surrounding settlement was covered by dense bush, most of which had been cleared away by the year 1893. It is undulating well watered country, and is in the hands of industrious and prosperous settlers. The Manganui river flows through the settlement, which is in the Huiroa survey district of the Taranaki land district, and is a part of the Moa riding of the county of Taranaki.  

Early 20th Century account


Back Row: Joyce, Keith, Louie, Dorie, Reg, Keith, Ron and Rose, Dorie and William 1954




The Bint siblings assembled in older age - I  have yet to identify them all - Catherine is in the centre and Will is the one with the bushy moustache I believe - haven't yet tried matching the other faces but no doubt Lester and or Walter is probably there.       Stephanie



A message from Melanie Rose Bint from Waitara, Taranaki in New Zealand. 
It seems to be that I am a descendant of the late Philip and Charlotte Bint who traveled to New Zealand on the "Cardigan Castle" which left on September 9th 1876. Philip is my Great Great Grandfather. His son William is my Great Grandfather. My Grandad who is Reginald Bint, Williams youngest child of 8, married Gwendoline 'Betty' Bint, who had three boys, James Rodney Bint (1951), Barry Martin Bint (1953), and Neville John Bint (1957).

Barry is my father. He married my mother Fay Joyce Bint  in 1966 my Grandparents adopted a girl Julie Linda Bint. I am the eldest of Barry's 3 children, Melanie Rose Bint (02/02/1983), Phillippa Jane Bint (24/06/1985), and Amanda Fay Bint (04/11/1987).

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