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Lillian Maria "Lily" Rawlinson, born at Tottenham, London, in 1881, married Walter Bint at Birkenhead, NZ. They had eight children. He was christened Walter because he was born in 1876 during his parent's voyage to New Zealand on the "Cardigan Castle" which arrived at Christchurch in February 1877.

Her father, Henry Rawlinson (born 1857), who had been a builder in Tottenham, London at the time of the 1881 census, had arrived at Auckland in 1885 on the "Doric" with wife Emma, and daughters Florence (born 1884) & Lillian (1881-1971). Another daughter Hilda Emma was born in 1886. They lived at Birkenhead, NZ.

Philip & Eliza Bint 
George Bint 
Charlotte Hayward 
Walter Bint 
Catherine Smith 
James Bint 
Lester Bint 
 William Bint

Bertha Bint

Bint Family UK

Walter & Lily's children were all born at Inglewood...

Henry Charles Bint 1904-1962 married Doris Climo and Maude Street.

Edina Lillian Bint 1905-1971 married Charles Cuff, and later Frank Antill.

Leslie Walter Bint, no marriage recorded.

Freda Allman Bint (1916) married Roy Arthur Roberts in 1936?

Norman Sydney Bint 1917-1983 married Frances Marshall.

Leonard Arthur Bint married Daphne Smith.

Ruby Westall Bint (1916) married Vincent Maher.

Vera Pearl Bint (1920)  married Noel Jury in 1940.


Walter died in 1955 and Lily in 1971.




Another photo from Stephanie showing Walter & Lily's family around 1921



Walter Bint at Tarata





Lester's daughter Muriel Bint & Walter & Lily Bint's daughter Freda

Hi Tom, what a nice surprise this email was, didn't think I would find anyone in the UK who would know my family. 
Yes he did marry a Rawlinson, in Auckland NZ in 1900's. 
I have all the birth and marriage certificates except Walter's, there is no record of his birth in NZ, and I haven't had any luck with record offices in the UK. I have all the right information just don't know where to go with it. 
I have been lucky to have 3 of his daughters living close by to give me the info. 
You might be interested to know that my sister also married a Rawlinson, they say are no relation to our side of the family, but you never know do you. 
Anyway my name is Joy Oliver, I live at  Welcome Bay, Tauranga,. My Dads name is Norman Sidney Bint, he passed away 19 yrs ago, 1-12-83. I have been tracing his family for about 5 yrs, it is such a long process. 

 Joy Oliver. December 2001

Chris Bint July 2005

Hi Tom, greetings from NZ. Yes I did have a quick look at your new web site when I get a bit more free time I'll sit down and go through it in a bit more depth, what I did read made good reading, however what is the association with the "Bint's", and Berkshire? 
Anyway here is what I can tell you . 
My grandmother is Doris Bint, formally Doris Climo and she was married to Henry Charles Bint, Henry served in World War 2 and as I believe died of cancer in the mid Fifties. They had two children, Warwick and Wavenay. Warwick (my father, married Jacqueline Ward, and they had four children, me, Chris, (the oldest), Paul, Andrew, and Joanne the youngest. They separated in 1984, and Warwick subsequently married twice more, the first ending in yet a another divorce and the third his wife died. He lives in Dubbo, NSW, Australia. Myself, Paul and Joanne all still live in Wellington, New Zealand, and our brother, Andrew, left for Australia about five or six years ago and nobody has heard from him in about three years. Wavenay, married Gary Parkinson, and they have no children and still live in Wellington, New Zealand. Doris is getting along a bit in years and age has taken its toll but she still hanging in there at a retirement village close to where we live. 
I have been married twice and have two children, two seven year olds. My brother is also married and has no children. Joanne is married and has no children. 
I haven't included any dates as I'm useless at recalling that sort of information, I'll sit down and work them out and send them along as well. 
All the best Tom, good to hear from """Family'''''' ... 



My name is Ron Bint and I live near Hamilton New Zealand. My father was Norman Sydney Bint - originally from Taranaki. A few years ago his brother, Len, passed away. He had no family as his wife had passed away and he had no children, so we had the job of sorting out his belongings. In among them was the original Passenger Contract Ticket for Philip and Charlotte Bint and their 3 children on the Cardigan Castle. We could not believe our eyes. It has been laminated so is in good condition.

Ron Bint


Hi Tom, I have been looking at your Bint family tree and I know that Henry Charles Bint married Maude Eva Street on the 18 Dec 1928 in Wellington. They were divorced on the 31 Oct 1940 In Wellington. Henry died on the 7 Aug 1959 in Wellington and was cremated at Karori. Henry Charles Bint re married in 1946 to Doris Ira Maureen Climo.. Can you tell me if Henry and Maude had any children. Hope to hear from you.     Regards Ross Rogers.                 30th November 2014

Many thanks to Rae & Ron Bint, and Stephanie, for the photographs

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