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Wendover Parish Church where George's parents were buried


New Zealand migrant George Rawlinson's ancestors lived and farmed in the Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire area. 

Buckinghamshire is an attractive rural county of some 600 square miles and sweeps from the Thames directly to the west of London halfway to Birmingham in the North. A slender county, 40 miles from North to South but only 28 miles from East to West, it has a mixture of woodlands, parklands and agricultural valleys, much of which are protected as Areas of Attractive Landscape. The Chiltern Hills, famous for the Chiltern Beechwoods, are designated as an Area of Attractive Outstanding Natural Beauty.

His  first proven ancestors were George Rawlinson and Frances Cook who were married at Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, about 6 miles from Aylesbury, in 1771.




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George and Frances had their first two children, Dollis 1772, and David 1773 at Waddesdon before moving to the other side of Aylesbury, the village of Weston Turville.

Eight children were added to the family between 1774 and 1787, George (NZ)'s grandfather Jonathan, was the fourth, born in 1781.

George & Frances's son David Rawlinson born 1773, started the West Wycombe branch of the family after his marriage to Jane Eagleton in 1797 at that parish.   It now seems most of the Rawlinsons listed on the Buckinghamshire IGI are related.


Jonathan Rawlinson (1781) and Ann Impey (1780) who married in 1807 and farmed at Northchurch, Hertfordshire, returned  to Weston Turville around 1821 with their first three children, George baptised Northchurch 1808, Elizabeth baptised 1810 and William born 1816 (baptised at Weston Turville with sisters Ruth born 1817, and Jane born 1821, on the same day in 1822)

They had four more children while living at Weston Turville between 1824 and 1831. Ann died in 1835 at the age of 45.


Jonathan's eldest son George Rawlinson (1808) married  widow Sophia Loggin (1809) in 1835 and moved to her home village of Bierton near Aylesbury to be a pub landlord at "the Eagle".

They had six children Ann (1836), George (1838), Richard (1841), John (1844), James (1847), and Rose (1851). Their eldest son George Rawlinson (born Bierton 1838), was convicted at Hertford Assizes in 1862 on a charge of burglary. He was transported to Western Australia on the Lord Dalhousie  in 1863.

The 72 year old widowed Sophia was still living at the Eagle in 1881 where her youngest son James Rawlinson (1847) was the landlord.West Australia Rawlinsons


The Eagle at Brierton and two views of Durham Farm near Wendover in the 1990s

The Eagle is now a private house, easily recognizable as the current owner has retained the inn's front door complete with "The Eagle" engraved in large letters on its glass panel. The white building on the left was where the brewing took place.


By the time of William Rawlinson's (1815)'s baptism in 1822 Jonathan and Ann's family had moved a few miles over the Buckinghamshire border back to his home village, Weston Turville. He was no longer a farmer, according to parish records, but an agricultural labourer.  Seven more children were born in the years up to 1831. Their mother Ann died in 1835. She was only 45 years old.

William Rawlinson (1815) married Great Missenden farmer's daughter Maria Collins at Aston Clinton near Aylesbury in 1842. William and Maria lived at Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire about five miles east of his father's Northchurch farm. Their first child George who later migrated to New Zealand, was born and baptised there in 1843. By 1847 William's family had moved to the pretty Buckinghamshire village of Quainton, next to Waddesdon,a few miles northwest of Aylesbury, and in the next four years, three of their children were born there. His occupation on the census form was "cattle dealer".

George Rawlinson was with the family at Quainton, a village a few miles northwest of Aylesbury, and next to Waddesdon, as an 8 year old at the time of the 1851 census, but 10 years later was working away from his parent's home which was now at at Great Hampden, Monks Risborough.  After his father's death he returned to help his mother run Durham Farm, Wendover, and was still there in 1871.

By 1853 the Rawlinsons had moved  about 10 miles south to the Great Hampden, Monks Risborough area of Buckinghamshire a short distance from Maria's birth-place. During the next 8 years, an additional 5 children including Henry (1857) were added to the family. At the time of the March 1861 census William was still described as a cattle dealer.

We know that William had moved a few miles away to Durham Farm, Wendover by 1862 as his youngest son Richard was baptised at the local church on Christmas Day. In 1864 he was listed as a Wendover Dean farmer in the county directory. In 1865 he was now 49 and had 9 children to support. William junior was 16, Elizabeth 18, Jane 14, Robert 12, Emma 10, Henry 8, Charles 6, John 4 and Richard 3.    Both Ann (born 1845) and George (1843) were probably working elsewhere as they were not listed with the family in 1861.   In 1865 their mother Maria was 45.

At Wendover in 1868 eldest daughter Elizabeth (1847) married local born parish clerk and butler, William Cannon (1840). They were to remain at Wendover where their six children were born.

Jane Rawlinson (1851) married Essex born carpenter William Stringfellow (1847) at Wendover in 1871. She had probably met him while in domestic service in London. William's father James (1815) was a builder at Tottenham at the time of the marriage. Jane had five children, two of them at Sale in Cheshire. They were living in Tottenham at the time of the 1891 census in family-built Rawlinson Terrace.

Emma Rawlinson (1854) appears to have been in domestic service for much of her life. In 1871 she and her sister Jane were servants at Highbury Hill, Islington, and in 1891 she is a cook at Winchester.


William Rawlinson (1815-65) is buried in the churchyard of Wendover Parish Church. Maria joined him in 1898. She had been living alone in Welbourne Road, Tottenham at the time of the 1891 census, but was back in Buckinghamshire at the time of her death in 1898. We know that by 1885 six of her sons had migrated, Charles, John, Richard & Robert to America on the SS Rhynland in April 1882, and George & Henry to New Zealand in 1881 & 1885.

William Rawlinson born October 8th 1815, died August 21st 1865. "He being dead, yet speaketh" also of Maria widow of the above, born April 16th 1820, died May 10th 1898. "Her end was peace"



This picture of Tottenham in 1903 illustrates the growth of the Greater London area with that farming land on the left disappearing to be soon covered with housing and factories. (2) Rawlinson Terrace, Tottenham - built by the Rawlinsons?  Partly visible behind the mock-Tudor redundant toilet.  Its where carpenter William Stringfellow who married George's sister Jane Rawlinson (1851) at Wendover in 1871, was living with their five children in 1891, and (3) the "Margaret Galbraith"

From the 1881 Census 

Charles Rawlinson (22)  is married to Rebecca (21) and with their 3 month old daughter Julia Cecilia, are living a few miles away in Islington. He is  a carpenter. 

Robert  Rawlinson (28) is married to Ellen (26) and has a 1 year old son William.   They are living at nearby Hackney and his occupation is "journeyman wheelwright".

William (32) is married to Elizabeth Price (24) from Sarratt, Herts, and they have two daughters, Annie (4) and Minnie (2). They are living at High Street, Watford, Hertfordshire a few miles from his grandfather's old farm at Northchurch.   They probably have business premises as his occupation is "master saddler"

George's brothers Charles (1859), John (1861), Richard (1862) and Robert Rawlinson (1853), two of them with their wives and children, migrated to America in April 1882 on board the 'Rhynland', a Red Star steamer operating between Antwerp and New York.

I have attempted to trace their USA families. The 1920 Pierce, La Camas, Washington census records Charles Rawlinson (60) carpenter, born England, Rebecca (61) born England, Charles (36) farmer, and Seth (34) born Philadelphia, and Arthur (28) and William (27) born Washington.

Our picture shows the "SS Rhynland".

His brother Richard (1862-1928) married a Kansas born widow, Mary L Lorenzen (nee McCutcheon), the mother of six children, at Pierce in December 1889. Their only child, James H. Rawlinson, born in March 1909 died when only six days old.  Richard, a carpenter, was buried at Tahoma in September 1926.

Their brother Robert (1853) had married Ellen Long in England in 1877. With their son William, they also arrived in the USA  on board the 'Rhynland' in 1882. They settled at Elkton, Cecil, in Maryland, and a second son, Joseph, was born there in 1889. We have no record of Ellen's death but it was apparently soon after Joseph's birth.

Robert was twice remarried, to Pricilla in 1892, and Julia in 1910.

Although his younger brother, John Rawlinson (1861), a carpenter, arrived with them in 1882, I have been unable to find any records of his time in the USA.



New Zealand

We know that their brother George Rawlinson (1843) married Sarah Ann Chapman at West Hackney, 3 or 4 miles south of Tottenham, in 1877 and their first two children Annie Elizabeth (1878) who later in NZ married George Bint, and Nellie (1880) were both born in the London area. Their next recorded child (1884) was born in Auckland, New Zealand.  

George and Sarah Rawlinson berthed at Auckland with their 2 daughters, Annie Elizabeth (bn 1878) and Nellie  (bn 1880) on the "Margaret Galbraith" in January 1881.

George Henry their 3rd child, was born at Lucas Creek (now Albany, near Auckland) They had a further five children, the last one Ethel, in 1894. The family moved to Waipuku, Taranaki after May was born in 1884. 

Sarah was a mid-wife in the New Plymouth area. She died at Inglewood in 1907, and we know that George returned to England after her death. He probably visited his in-laws, almost certainly  his widowed sister Ann Lee who at the time of the 1881 census had a grocers shop in Edmonton, London. He is believed to have stayed some time at Misterton in Somerset. Around 1909 he married widow Alice McKenzie (born 1850) and his whereabouts is a bit blurred from then till his death at Rose Bay, Sydney in 1921. If he is the George Rawlinson who died at Rose Bay, NSW, I am confused in finding another George Rawlinson living there from 1867 onwards.

Their daughter Annie, Elizabeth, Rawlinson (born UK, 4th April 1878) married George Bint around 1899.  

They had seven children. Edith (1900), who married  Horace "Bob" Pierson,  Elsie (1902), married to Edward John PorterMyrtle (1906), married to Thomas Porter, Charlotte (1910), married to Norman ChallengerFrederick George (1911), married to Annie PriceAlice (1914), married to Laurence Price, and Cyril (1916) who married Enid Porter.

George Henry Rawlinson, (born Lucas Creek- now Albany 1882) married Frances Louisa Hogg (1881-1953) at St Andrews, New Plymouth in 1912. They had five children, Wilfred, then Nigel (1916) who married Tui Fraser, Gordon married to Effie MacKinnon, Doreen (1913) who married Joseph Henry, and Ronald Benson Rawlinson (1918) who married Stratford born Mollie Knox (1921).

William John (Willie) Rawlinson (born Waipuku 1886) married Jane (Jenny) McMullan and had two sons Colin (1918) who married Aileen Florence, and Bruce (1920) married to Norma Kleeman. Their family still live in the Stratford area. Shane Rawlinson (born 1980) whose father is Ian (born 1952) one of Colin and Aileen's two children, has been in contact.

My husband is Shane Rawlinson (we live in Stratford NZ and have had contact with you in the past).  I'm not sure if you would like to add any more info but if you do I can give you the names of my husbands relatives from the Rawlinson family.  

For example my neighbour is Clifford Rawlinson who is a son off Nigel (I think) and Tui, so his grandfather was George Rawlinson, who was my husbands great grandfathers brother.  Both George and William Rawlinson went farming in Matau and both off their sons carried on farming the family farms and now my their sons and great grandson (my husband) farm the very same farms and have never been sold.  Now my husband and I have 3 children and are farming the family farm that William first owned.    Melanie   November 2010

Ellen (Nellie) Rawlinson (Born UK 1880) married Robert "Charlie" Hardgraves (born New Plymouth 1875). They had nine children, Leila Doris (1902), Maude (1904) who married George Knight, Evelyn Beatrice (1906) married - - - Nathan, Rita Nellie (born 1909) married - - - Connor, Charles Ernest (born 1912) unmarried? Thelma (born 1914) unmarried? Robert Derek (born 1916) died in WW2 1942, Hector Raymond (born 1918) married to Margaret Moyes, and Noel John (born 1921)

May Rawlinson (born 1884) married Frank Hearn Mills.

Rose Rawlinson (born 1889) who married William Bint (born 1880) at Inglewood in 1907, had eight children.   Claude William Bint (1908) married Violet Betty Pearse, Grace Bint (1910) who died of diphtheria in 1924, Dorothy Bint born (1912), Joyce Evelyn Bint (1914) married Barry Old, Keith Bint (1920) married Joan Orchard, Ronald Cecil Bint (1922) married Noreen Mace,   Louisa Ruth Bint (1924) married Albert James Herbert,and Reginald George Bint (1927) who married Gwendoline "Betty" Randall. William died in 1966 and Rose in 1971

Recollections about George Rawlinson. 

"I do know that after Sarah died in 1907, he was off to Misterton, Somerset. He went to family, saw Ann and her family, and in 1909 is waiting for Emma to come and stay to meet his new wife Alice McKenzie, a widow."        "In 1910 he came over to Auckland, but later went to Sydney, Australia"          Irene Hannam                                    (Ann and Emma were George's sisters)

"I have a note told to me by Edna Antill (Walter Bint's & Lillian Rawlinson's daughter) that George Rawlinson married 3 times. He and his second wife ran a nursing home, but I have not got where. His third marriage was late in life, he died in 1929 at Rose Bay in Sydney aged 85 years, .....none of this is proved."          Fay Lewis.

"After Mum died I received an old Bible with two names in it. 'Henery Rawlinson, Wendover Dean,'  and a stronger bold 'Geo. Rawlinson, St Catherines, Ontario, Canada'  "              Irene Hannam

Note:  The late Irene Hannam, and Fay Lewis, are grandchildren of George Bint and Annie Rawlinson.


George's brother Henry Rawlinson (born 1857) who had been a builder in Tottenham, London at the time of the 1881 census and George's departure, arrived on the "Doric" at Auckland in February 1885 with his wife Emma, and daughters Florence (born 1884) & Lillian (1881). Another daughter Hilda Emma, was born in 1886. They lived at Birkenhead, NZ.

On the 1881 London census Henry was recorded as a builder employing 40 men.

His daughter Lillian Maria "Lily" Rawlinson, born Tottenham, London, in 1881, married Walter Bint at Birkenhead, NZ. They had eight children. 


Hello Tom - (from Rio Riva) 3rd of November 2009

 William and Maria's son Henry is my great grandfather. He married Emma Emily Westall.

Their children were Lilley, Florence, Hilda Emma (my grandmother) and Sidney.

Emma Emily Rawlinson died at 51 years on 27 May 1904 at Birkenhead of Pernicious Anaemia exhaustion leaving Henry

and the children Lillian 22 years, Florence 20 years, Hilda 18 years and Sidney 14 years.  Henry died 5 October 1942.

Aunty Florrie never married and looked after her father Henry at home, after he had an accident on the Chelsea Sugar


 He and his wife are buried at the old Birkenhead Cemetery (no headstones found - due to vandalism).

 My grandmother married Francis James Gray on 6th January 1915 in the Zion Hill Church, Birkenhead.

They went to live on his farm at Umawera in the Hokianga.  They had nine children Margaret, Albert, Elizabeth,

Alfred, Alexander, Robin, Dorothy, Alma (my mother) and David.

Alfred, Dorothy and Alma are the only surviving family today.  My mother is 81 years and living in a rest home in

Whangarei, where I was born 29 November 1950.

 Most of the family were farmers or carpenters.  We had a very happy life growing up in the country - with

many family get-togethers (mostly picnics on the farm or at Paihia).  All the relatives would get together.

In NZ we all learn to swim and my mothers family were all taught by being thrown of the jetty into the river

and fished out with a rope that Grandad threw to the children.

 Albert and Alfred went to Egypt and Italy in the Second World War and thankfully returned.  Alexander was in

the Home forces.

 I remember meeting Aunty Lilley when I was a child - she was a very warm kind lady, also Uncle Sid.

 Aunty Florrie went to live with my grandmother at Paihia in later years.  All the families would visit - they were 2 sweet ladies.

In 1949/50 they toured the south island and sent home post cards with letters (I have these).  Nana made us tatted collars

and stitched dolls which she wove her own hair onto their heads.  With around 36 grandchildren she did very well to think of

us all.  

They eventually needed to go into retirement homes and the family placed them in Te Koparu (Dargaville). 

Hilda died 5 July 1964 and is buried in Umawera.  Florence died 1977, she was 93 years and is buried in the Whangarei cemetery.

In her Will she left what she had equally to all here nieces and nephews.

 I have a photo of my grandmothers wedding outside the family home.  My mother caught up with the family

of Aunty Lilley about six years ago in New Plymouth.  I haven't been in contact since I was a child, but now

that I am not working will endeavour to take a trip down and say hello.


From Bev Simmonds  January 2010


Francis James Gray (Jim), was born 1875 at Kaitangata, South of Dunedin, NZ.  Parents were William and Margaret (nee Paterson) Gray married 1861 in Wellington, NZ, although they originated from Coldingham in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh respectively.  'Jim' had 5 sisters and 2 brothers.  He married Hilda Emma Rawlinson on 6th January 1915 (Marriage cert available to confirm), and lived at Tutekehua, Hokianga where he farmed and ran a river launch ferrying logs down to the mill. He died 25/5/1942 and is buried beside Hilda (died 15 July 1964) at the Umawera Cemetery, Hokianga, NZ.
They had 9 children:
Isobel Margaret (Peggy) b.17/11/1916 m George Butler 1939,
James Herbert McDermot (Bert) b. 19/6/1917 m Dorothy Nola Reynolds Brooking 1946
Florence Elizabeth (Betty) b.8/9/1918 m Gordon Lawrence Brown
William Alfred Henry (Alf) b.24/4/1920 m Merle Elizabeth Mary Whimp 1950
Alexander Francis b.27/9/1921 m 1.Eileen Underwood 2.Valerie Jean Farr 1987
Robin Claude b.22/10/1923 m Shirley Florence Lewis
Dorothy Jean b.30/5/1925 m Mervyn Gower Alexander 1948
Alma Jesamine b.10/3/1928 m Dawson (Jack) Appleton 1949
 David John Llewellyn b.12/7/1931 m Carol Toomey
Today, the only surviving children are Dad (Alf), Dorothy and Alma. This information has been provided by cousins also tracing family tree information so I cannot personally vouch for its accuracy, although I have no reason to doubt it.  Let me know if I can fill in any gaps or if I can be of any further help.  I will keep working on my scanning abilities,... or lack of them.
 Bev Simmonds


 Hi. Have just read with interest your Rawlinson site. My great grandmother was Elizabeth Gray, daughter of William Gray of Kohukohu. She married James Patterson Cossar and my grandmother was one of 4 daughters - all raised in Kohukohu. The only anecdotal info I have from my elderly family is that Elizabeth gray was born at or near North East Valley, Dunedin. From the connections & vague stories I think that it is quite likely she was the sister of Francis James Gray. I would be most grateful if you have any information regarding the Grays or Cossars - all from the Hokianga district where my grandparents married in 1921 (Jessie Cossar married James Douglas Fairgray) Many of the names are familiar with Francis being the name of my fathers cousin. If you are unable to help I would appreciate if you can put me in touch with Bev Simmonds.

I have applied to BDM for a copy of my great grandparent's marriage certificate ( James Patterson Cossar unknown dates/ history is buried in as yet unidentified site at Kohukohu cemetery - Elizabeth Gray 1867- 7.5.1949- buried at Karori Wellington) Hopefully this will confirm Elizabeth's mothers name ( Margaret nee Paterson) and give more clues to their arrival in NZ. (possibly the Strathallan Jan 1858). My ggm Elizabeth Gray was born near Dunedin and the records for Francis James Gray(b 1875) show his parents as William and Margaret. Interestingly BDM show Francis James Cossar Gray so a Cossar may have been a Godparent or relative. If all this fits then a sister of Francis James and Elizabeth is Isabella Ewart Gray( born 1865) and married at Kohukohu 27.12 1887 to George Large ( Papers Past- Ak Star 7.1.1888) .I know my father spoke of the Larges. Re the Cossars-- Elizabeth Gray and James(Jimmy) Cossar had 4 daughters. (1) Betsy married Louis Morrell from Waimamuku. (son Russell and daughter Francis) (2)Jessie ( my grandmother - married James Douglas Fairgray a young BNZ banker from Devonport who had boarded with Elizabeth Cossar after the death of her husband who died on pneumonia after walking from Umuwera to Kohukohu in very bad weather) They had 3 children- my father Malcolm 1921, Margaret 1924 and Geoffrey 1933) (3) Marguerite (Madge) - married Frank Long (1 son Malcolm) (4) Thema married Arthur Remington - no children. I can supply dates and more details if anyone is interested. I also have some photos of family picnics with quite large groups which will probably mean Gray cousins such as Francis James plus other generations ) I cannot identify faces other than my own grandparents and Jessie's sisters. I know the house in Kohukohu which James Cossar built and have other photos. I would love to find out more about William Gray eg where in Kohukohu he lived,when his wife Margaret died, why he moved from Dunedin/ Kaitangata to Hokianga and when etc.

I remember my father speaking of an 'old uncle George' also and there was a family with the surname Bacon that fits with the Gray/ Cossar Kohukohu family but I dont know how, and all the relatives who would have known have passed away.  Elizabeth Fairgray (I kept my maiden name when I married)



contact me at 


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