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Will Bint's grandson Percy and his Canadian Family
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The 101 Fegan's Home boys who sailed to Canada on the Empress of Britain in May 1906. (11 year old Percy Bint is on the extreme right of the top row)


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Cisco Family

Comedian Will Bint's daughter Beatrice Bint was born at 51 Upper Marylebone Street, Marylebone on the 25th of March 1875. Will did not marry Beatrice's mother, Nottingham born Lilian Elizabeth Slack (1857), who adopted his surname. His daughter's 1875 birth certificate described him as a serio comic singer. (Serio is a combination of serious and humour). It appears that he took care of his daughter Beatrice financially as her mother was described as having independent means on the 1891 census.

Beatrice Bint herself gave birth out of wed-lock. Will's grandson was Arthur Percy Bint who was born at Queen Charlotte's Hospital on the 14th of May 1895. It appears that 20 year old Beatrice was unable to support a child. His life in those early years does not seem to have been very comfortable.

On the 1901 Lambeth return we have Percy Bint (5) as a boarder at a school in Santley Street, Lambeth. This address may have been a temporary home paid for by the Fegan organisation. It was their common practice to board out the younger children until they were old enough for the Boys Home.

 *The photo on the right is Percy's 67 year old mother Beatrice in 1942. It is taken from the Sharpe family wedding group picture kindly supplied by David Inns.

 A year later Percy was in the care of Fegan Boys Homes. The entry in their 1901 Admission Register reads:

Percy - Arthur Percival Bint Age 6 (May 14/01)

Father's address unknown. Mother: Beatrice Evelyn Bint, c/o Mrs Slack, 26 Cathles Rd, Balham, London SW.

Height: 3' 7" Hair: brown Eyes: brown.

On the application of admission their is no father's name but it does say his occupation to be hairdresser. It also lists the next of kin as his grandmother, Mrs Slack, 26 Cathles Rd, Balham. The certificate is signed by Beatrice Bint at the same address as Mrs Slack. (That address in Balham, Wandsworth was the home in 1901 of Beatrice's widowed grandmother Fanny Slack [bn Leicestershire 1832] and two of Lilian's sisters.)

On December 16th 1906 a form was signed by his mother belatedly consenting for his migration to Canada. (He had already sailed there on the 5th of May that year.)

He left the UK on board the Empress of Britain, departing from Liverpool. His port of arrival was Quebec, Canada on May 12th 1906. The passenger list indicates the party awaiting him was the Fegan's Home, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There were 100 boys who arrived with him. 

The non-denominational home at 295 George Street was to have 3,200 boys passing through its doors between 1884-1939.

On the Durham, Ontario 1911 census he is recorded as Percy Bent, servant to to Presbyterian farmer Robert Burgess (1856) and his sister Mary Jane Burgess who were born in Ontario from a Scottish family.




My father has told me that Percy lived with two elderly women by the name of Searles, (he is not 100% sure of the name). My father does recall going to the home of these women in Orono, Ontario. for Sunday suppers and picnics. 

Something to note-on the passenger list his name is listed as Percy Bint, age 9.

James Fegan and his co-workers sought to give boys in their homes the most promising futures possible. The prospect of work and a good start in life were much better in Canada than in England at the end at the 19th century and Fegan began a programme to help boys emigrate. 
Each year from 1884 to 1939, with a few exceptions, parties of boys from Fegans emigrated to Canada. Generally the boys would be 14 years old when they went although on occasions they might be younger, particularly if accompanying an older brother. The party would normally board a boat for Canada at Liverpool in the early spring. 
To make sure that the boys were well prepared for life in Canada, James Fegan embarked on the innovative venture of a Canadian Training Farm in England. The training farm, at Goudhurst, Kent, was equipped with modern Canadian farm equipment and gave boys from Fegan's homes a kind of apprenticeship in Canadian farming techniques. 
Fegan established a 'Receiving Home' at Toronto in 1886, where boys would arrive before moving on to placements on farms. Fegan's workers made regular visits to the boys up to the age of 21, to check on their well-being and to make sure the placement was working out appropriately. 

Percy Bint enlisted in WW1 in March 1916 and was a member of the 136th Battalion CEF. He was medically discharged in August 1916 with vascular heart disease. His unit sailed overseas on September 25 1916 without him. His certificate of service in the Great European War has the name Percy Bent.

Something to note--his military records show he is using the name Percy Bint, age 20. I believe he started to use the name Bent from this time.

It wasn't until he applied to the UK for his birth certificate in 1958 that he found his name to be Arthur Percival Bint, born May 14, 1895. He didn't realize he had a first name and was using the wrong day and year of birth. He was approximately 3 years younger than he thought.  Geri-Lyn



In 1923 he married Edith Alma Bradshaw, who was born at Hastings, Ontario in 1896, at Oshawa, Ontario. They had six children, Robert Bent, b. 1924, Jack Bent, b. 1926, Kenneth Bent, b.1927, Harold Bent, b. 1928, Bernice Bent, b. 1929, Gerald Bent, b. 1932. 

Percy worked for many years as an electrician and had a passion for gardening. 

He died at Whitby, Ontario on May 11th 1966 and Edith at Oshawa on November 27th 1975. They are buried together at Mount Lawn Cemetery, Oshawa.


Their children were -

Robert (Bob) Charles Bent  (1924 -1975)  Born Oshawa. Married Mildred Minnie Gray (b 1927). Their children were Robert Brian Bent, b.21 Jan.,1950, Sherrie Ellen Bent, b. 25, Nov.,1953, Arlene Louise Bent, b.1 June,1958, and Diana Gail Bent, b. 24 Oct.1968


John (Jack) Leslie Bent (1926 - 2005)  Born Oshawa.  Never married.


Kenneth Percy Bent (1927)  Born Oshawa. Married Hazel H. Hamilton (b 1930),on 26 June1948 at Oshawa. Their children were Wayne Kenneth Bent, b.23 Sept.,1949, Karen Lynn Bent, b. 8 April 1955, David John Bent, b.6 Jan.,1961.


Harold I Bent (1928) Born Courtice. Married Doris P Brown (b 1928) 8 September1951 at Cobourg, Their children were Carol Anne Bent, b.13 April 1955, Gregory Harold Bent, b.13 February 1957, Judith Lynn Bent, b.13 Dec 1958, Christopher Paul Bent, b.16 January,1966.


Margaret Georgina Bernice Bent (1929)  Born Oshawa. Married Leonard Gordon Yuill, (b1927) on 24 June,1949, at Perth ON. Their children were Stephen Leonard Yuill, b.15 Dec 1950, Nancy Jean Yuill, b.22 Sept.1953, Laurie Alma Yuill, b.5 Dec.1956, Randall Gordon Yuill, b. 26 Nov.1959.

Arthur Gerald Bent (1932) Born Oshawa. Married  Evelyn Sandra Taylor (b1941) at Oshawa on 9 Oct.1959. Their children were Geri-Lyn Anne Bent b. 4 May,1960, Allan Leslie Bent b.12 Sept.1961, Jannie Joanne Bent, b.19 Jan.1965.



Good day Tom. 

My name is Allan Bent. Son of Jerry Bent. Percival Bent (Bint) was my grandfather. I was just looking around on my computer and started checking some links and found our history very interesting. I serve in the Royal Canadian Air Force, stationed in Comox B.C. Canada. In the 80s I was in the Navy and actually made it to Britain a few times. Some day I hope to get back to London for vacation. I recently married my public school sweet heart and  trying to get posted to Edmonton to be with her. She is civilian and lives there with her father. Anyways I hope you get this. It’s been  an honor Sir.

God Speed..        Allan Bent   2nd March 2012




Hello  Tom;

I have just discovered the Bint genealogical site, and am filled with emotion...I hardly know where to start!  My mom had mentioned a couple of years ago that GeriLyn was attempting to find grampa's family roots, but we've been out of touch as the families have spread out and was unaware that a connection had been made.

The pictures submitted to you of my grandparents, my dad Robert (Bob), and uncle Jack are from the published genealogy of gramma's Bradshaw Family of the Bay of Quinte (1794-1984).  I think what may be of special interest to you is that photo of dad (there's many more, including the squadron).  He and uncle Jack were in the RCAF in WWII and stationed in England!  Dad was trained as a navigator for the bombers, and played the trombone in their marching band.  When I read the section on Billie Bint I nearly fell off my chair.  My dad could also play the piano, and was a vocalist/soloist in two choirs.

I was the same age as my dad on my first trip to England, at 19 yrs., in 1973.  My penfriend of Palacefields, Runcorn, sent me an invitation to her wedding, and to her astonishment, I accepted!  

There are so many stories and photos I could share with you of our family, many of personal nature that I would not want to see posted on the internet. Grampa had no memory of a mother, and believed he had no family. When he received his birth record for proof of age, in order to apply for his govm't pension, it was mom and dad he came to in a terrible state. These days, it's no big deal to hear of a child born out of wedlock, but for a gentleman of his generation, it was a humiliation, and he was very deeply hurt.  His private documents were kept in trust with my parents; the only info. passed on to the family was the error in the surname and date of birth.  It wasn't until my dad and gramma had passed on, that mom handed over the personal records to dad's sister, aunt Bernice.

Is there an ancestral chart?  I didn't find one on the website.  I would love to hear from you and learn more of my living relatives.

Just one small correction: Under the photo of my grandparents, it should read Alma, not Edith.  Gramma used her second name.

Sincerely,      Sherrie May                 



What happened to Percy's mother?

Back in England, Percy's mother Beatrice Evelyn Bint born March 1875, and recording her age as 32, married Newington born widower Alfred James Sharpe (1864) at Christ Church, North Brixton on December 19th 1911. Alfred's occupation was given as a milk can maker and his address Camberwell. 

On the marriage certificate Beatrice's father was recorded as William Bint, artiste, deceased. (He was still alive - did Beatrice really believe he was dead?   Is that what she told Alfred Sharpe?)

Earlier in 1911, at the time of that year's census, 36 year old Beattie had been employed as a cook at Tulse Hill, London, by Yorkshire born solicitor Thomas Firth and his wife Dora.

According to a Sharpe family tree on Ancestry there were no children born from this marriage.  She was known in their family as 'Beaty'.  Her husband Alfred Sharpe died at Camberwell in 1924. No date is recorded for Beaty's death, but she may be the Beatrice Sharpe who died at Lambeth in 1949 recorded as being 68 years old.

I came across you marvellous site while researching Beatrice Bint.

I believe I am the author of the Sharpe family tree on Ancestry you refer to. If not I should be as I am the originator of the material and have the Sharpe Family Bible!

Beatrice (known on our side as Beaty) was married to my great grandfather Alfred Sharpe.

I thought you may be interested in the attached photos. It was taken on 17 May 1942 and contains the only photo we have of Beaty.

Her step-grandson, Walter  (Uncle Wal) is still alive and now living in Sydney Australia. He has no recollection of when Beaty died, but it must have been after 1947 because that is when he emigrated after a family row and never contacted his parents again.

When Alfred married her, he had 5 children aged from 16 (the nominal mum, Florence) to 4 years old (Dorothy Ada). So Beaty took on quite a challenge. My mother died in 1994 but never spoke of her step gran. Uncle Wal only remembers his father and aunt Doll being grateful to Beaty for acting as their mother. He nor any of us, knew that Beaty had a child (Percy) prior to marrying Alfred. I wonder if Alfred knew?

Your research, especially that of Will (Billie) Bint was very interesting to read. As someone who has been delving into archives of family tree related facts for the best part of 16 years, I can appreciate dedication when I see it. Best wishes    David Inns  17th August 2012

With grateful acknowledgements for the help and photos from Geri-Lyn in Canada and David Inns (UK)

contact me at 


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