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 The Bint Family of New Zealand

       Lester Bint & Rosa Collard
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Top row -  Philip 1870, William 1880, Charlotte 1878, Lester 1887, Walter 1876,

  James 1874, Catherine 1892, Philip Thomas 1850, Charlotte 1853, George 1872, Bertha 1885.

Lester Bint was born at Christchurch, New Zealand on the the 22nd of August 1887 the son of Philip and Charlotte Bint who had migrated to New Zealand from the UK on the Cardigan Castle arriving in 1877.

He was baptised  at the same time as his older sister Bertha at St Matthew's Church on the 6th of November 1887. The family's home address at the time was Crescent Road, St Albans, Christchurch.

He married Rosa Dorinda Collard at the Church of Christ, Auckland on the 18th of June 1913. Rosa Collard was born in 1881 at Halesowen, Worcestershire in the UK.

They had six children all born at Tariki, New Plymouth, Edward Arthur Bint 1914-1991, Muriel 1915, Lester Thomas 1917-1924, Mary Collard 1919-1993, Kathleen Lillian 1922, and Philip Collard Bint 1924.


Philip & Eliza Bint 
George Bint 
Charlotte Hayward 
Walter Bint 
Catherine Smith 
James Bint 
Lester Bint 
 William Bint

Bertha Bint

Bint Family UK

Edward Arthur Bint married Gwendoline Douglas Jackson (bn 1917) and had three children. Raymond born 1943 married Julie Hardcastle. Judith Ann (Ann) born in 1944 married Allan John Murray. Beverley Muriel born in 1947 married Colin Johnson.

Ann (Judith Ann) Murray (1944) who was then a florist and very much involved in youth activities, made contact  back in 1992.  

Ann and Allan were farming at Korakonui, near Te Awamutu on the North Island. She described their farm as 143 hectares with sheep, deer and bull.

They had three children Stephen (1969), Deborah (1971) and Rachael (1974). It was Ann who kindly supplied the photo of Lester and Rosa and another of Philip's family.







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