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James Bint was born at Hammersmith, London on the 18th of May 1874. He was the son of Philip Thomas Bint and Charlotte Allman who when he was only two years old migrated on the Cardigan Castle to New Zealand.

On the 3rd of August 1903 he married Helen Stratford (1879-1968) at Inglewood Registry Office. According to one family source they had eloped. The couple were to have a large family. Ellen Bint was born in 1903, Andrew 1905, Darcy 1907, Thomas 1908-1909, Laurie 1910, Noel 1913, Bruce 1914, Alice 1916, Levi James 1918, Jean Sophia 1920, and Rex Arthur Bint 1924. James Bint's wife Helen Stratford was born on the 15th of November 1880, the daughter of William Levi Stratford and Emily Sophia Brewerton (1850) from Aniseed Valley, Nelson, New Zealand. Her father William Levi Stratford was born in the UK in 1844 and was married in 1868 at Nelson. He came from a Northamptonshire family. His father, also called William Levi Stratford (1819-1888), was a boot-maker who with his wife Catherine Barber (1823-1903) had migrated to Nelson and became a farmer at Aniseed Valley..  See   Stratford Family
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Their daughter Jean Sutton (nee Bint) Bint who was born in 1920 was my very first New Zealand contact way back in 1982.

She was writing from their home at Hill Street, Richmond and had seen my name in a UK list of Berkshire family researchers.

Jean who had married Yelven Sutton from one of Richmond's prominent pioneering families had many and varied interests.

A mother of four, Philip (1938), Pamela (1942), Clare (1947) and Heather (1948), she had been a member of the Richmond Branch of the Women's Division Federated Farmers, captained the 1st Brightwater Girl Guide Company for nine years, a member of the Baptist church for forty years, active in the Genealogy Society, Wakefield History Group and Nelson Historical Society, and when we met on one of her visits to the UK in 1992, had just written a history of her home town "How Richmond Grew".

Yelven Oliver Sutton was born in 1918 and lived at "Selbourne" in Hill Street until 1954. 

His great-grandfather George Sutton arrived at Nelson on board the Bolton in 1842. 

In 1853 George bought sections 68, 90 and part 66 and built the Selbourne homestead. “Selbourne” was apparently named after the Sutton’s home village in  East Meon, Hampshire. 

Their homestead was located on Hill Street almost opposite from present day Sutton Street. It was taken down in 1978 to make way for subdivision. George Sutton initially planted hops on the property that he had brought over from England. The hop mill was located behind present day 167 Hill Street. 

Yelven’s grandfather John Sutton took over the farm when George moved to upper Hill Street in 1896. In addition to 2 acres of tobacco at Easby Park opposite the Griffin pigsty, the Sutton family had the largest herd of pedigree Jersey milking cows in the District.  Yelven’s father, Oliver Charles Sutton, later took over the running of the farm. Jean Sophia Bint was born 3 Aug 1920 at Richmond. Married 16 April 1938 at Richmond to Yelven Oliver Sutton who was born 31 July 1918.


James and Helen's youngest son Rex Arthur Bint was born on 13th of February 1924 at Appleby. He married Nada Taplin. They had 3 children, Yvonne Valerie, Murray John, and Pamela Louise. The couple later divorced. 

He then married Muriel Brucina Hunt who was born 12th of September 1923.They had 4 children together, Fern Brucina Bint - 30 January 1962-06 July 1995, Shane Noel Bint - 8th December 1962 (Tracey's father), Dale Rex Bint - 27th June 1964 and Kaye Ruth Bint - 11 May 1966.

Hi - I am Tracey Marie Bint, Rex Arthur Bint was my grandfather. 

Rex bred birds - all sorts from canaries to love birds and budgies and also showed them. He was a sought-after judge at the shows until he became too ill to travel.
He worked at the Horowhenua Electrical Board and started out as a linesmen then moved on later in his career, before retiring, to site manager. Grandad was a very inventive man his garage was always full of contraptions he had made up including the odd bike made from about four of all the grand-children's old bikes !
He was a really big gardener too - he loved his veggie garden and always had the best rhubarb patch in town. I later found out it was due to all the dead cats he had buried in it. ( ha ha.)
An interesting little fact is that Grandad said he was never registered till he was 12 months old. He always said he was a year older than he was on his birth certificate.

Grandad's nick-name was Binty and that seems to have carried on down the line, both sons are known as Binty and both my brothers are also known as Binty !
The photo above was taken in the kitchen of their Levin home and was the last photo of them taken together before my grandad died.

Rex passed away on the 22nd of November 2003 and Muriel on the 18th of May 2007. They are buried at  Levin Lawn Cemetery.    


Ellen (Nellie) Bint (1903-2002) married Kenneth William Savage (1900-1972) in 1924. They had three children, Kenneth Maxwell Savage (1926), Stanley William (1927), and Noel Douglas (1932). Ellen (Nellie) Bint born 7 March 1903 at Stratford, Taranaki.  Married Kenneth William Savage at Richmond Baptist Church on 20th April 1924. Ken died 7 March 1972 at Motueka Hospital and is buried at Richmond.


Her brother Andrew Bint (1905) appears to have stayed single and died at Reefton on the West Coast in 1972. Andrew (Andy) Bint was born 6 August 1904 at Aniseed Valley. He was a wheelwright, railway worker and coal miner at Reefton.  He never married and died at Reefton 6 March 1972. Buried at Reefton.


Darcy Bint (1906-1995) married Pearl Ashton in 1939. They had three children, Hazel Sylvia Bint (1940), Colin James (1944), and Trevor Eric (1953) Darcy Bint was born 22 Oct 1906. Married 17 Oct 1939 at Blenheim to Pearl Margaret Ashton who was born 22 June 1918. Pearl died 1993 and Darcy died in 1995. Both were cremated.


Laurie Bint (1910-1958) married Cleveland Alfred Jessop (1909-1990). They had ten children, Ruth Jessop (1931), Helen (1937), John William (1940), Thomas Philip (1941), Lois (1942), Peter (1945), Mary Grace (1946), Clement Cleveland (1950), Stephen (1953), and Mark (1955). She should have been called Florrie but her father was drunk when he registered her!!. Born 4 Oct 1910. Married March 1934 at Hope Gospel Chapel (they were the first couple married there) to Cleveland (Boy) Alfred Jessop who was born 19 May 1909. Laurie died in Wellington on 21 Sept 1958 and Cleveland died in Nelson on 4 Dec 1990. Both are buried in Richmond.


Noel Bint (1913-1968) married Agnes Nicol Alexander (1917-1997). They had three children, Barry Donald Bint (1938), Delsa Dawn (1940), and

Ian James (1942). Born 13 Jan 1912 and married in 1937 to Agnes Nicol Alexander. Noel died 17 June 1968 and Agnes died 28 Aug 1997. Both cremated and ashes buried at Marsden cemetery.


Bruce Bint. Born 5 May 1914. Married at Hastings in 1948 to Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Kane who was born 25 April 1924. They had three children,

Roger (1949), Gordon (1950) and Michael (1963). Bruce died 15 May 1978 at Nelson. Betty died 17 Nov 1991 at Nelson. Both buried at Richmond. Bruce was born 5 May 1914. Married at Hastings in 1948 to Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Kane who was born 25 April 1924. Bruce died 15 May 1978 at Nelson. Betty died 17 Nov 1991 at Nelson. Both buried at Richmond 


I am Bruce's grandson and would like to ask where you sourced some of your information from? As to our family's knowledge and records, it is incorrect.  Bruce and Mary Elizabeth (better known as Betty) had three sons. Roger, Gordon and Michael. Roger married Marie. They have two living sons, Wayne and myself Kane. Wayne was in a defacto relationship with Natasha and had a daughter Tara. Wayne later married Jo (divorced) and has a daughter Bayley from that relationship. Gordon married Helen (divorced) and they have three sons Stacy, Perry, Danny and one daughter Lee. (Gordon has a couple of grandchildren but I am uncertain who's they are). Mike married Pam. They have two sons, Samuel and Lachlan. We are happy to help fill in more information and details (dates and correct spelling) but would appreciate corrections being done sooner than later.    Regards, Kane Bint Wellington, New Zealand 12th July 2011


Alice Bint (1916-1992) married Norman Henry Wells (1910-1974). They had two children, Terence Wells (1938) and Jennifer (1942).  Alice was born 17 June 1916. Married April 1938 to Norman Henry Wells who was born 4 Nov 1912. Norman died 11 June 1974 and Alice died 23 April 1992, both at Nelson. Buried at Marsden cemetery.


Levi James Bint (1918-1996) married Kate Sheaf (1925-2005). They had eight children. June Bint (1951), Dawn (1953), Frank (1956), Mary & Ann (1958), Kate (1962), Susan (1963), and James (1966).James (Jim) Levi Bint was born 2 June 1918 at Richmond. Married 1952 to Kate Sheaf (known as Kaye) at Stanley Brook. Jim died 17 Nov 1996 at Nelson, buried at Stanley Brook.


Many thanks for your letter of 13 August 2008. A little about myself. I am indeed from New Zealand and have lived in Australia for the last 21 years having moved here with my children. At present I am unable to connect to the internet web site but I had my daughter look it up and read some of the comments to me.
You mentioned a Jean Sutton in New Zealand - she is my father's sister. My father was Levi James Bint (known as Jim) but sadly he passed away in 1996. I am the eldest of eight children - myself, Dawn, Frank, Ann, Mary, Kate, Susan and James.
We grew up on a farm in Stanley Brook - in the Nelson area, South Island of NZ.
I live near Yeppoon and work in Rockhampton which is about 35 klms away.
Your daughter, Theresa is the first person over here that I had seen with the surname of Bint so was keen to find out where she was from.
I have a daughter who lives in Rockhampton and a son who lives at the Gold Coast.
I am asking my sister in NZ to find out more on our past when she is able. Hope some of this helps you fit in a few more pieces.
I look forward to hearing from you again.
Have a great day!   Best Wishes   June (Crosbie-Dunn)




Large black & white photos are from Charlotte Allman's album - courtesy of Stephanie



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