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Market day at Wokingham, Berkshire

This would have been the local market for our Shinfield and Arborfield ancestors. Wokingham was once famous for its bull-baiting. In 1661 George Staverton left a bequest in his will giving two bulls to be tethered in the Market Place and baited by dogs on St Thomas' Day (21 December) each year. The bulls were paraded around the town a day or two before the event and then locked in the yard of the original Rose Inn, half of which is visible on the extreme right of this photograph. People travelled from miles around to see the dangerous spectacle. A number of dogs would be maimed or killed during the event and the bulls were eventually destroyed. The meat and leather were distributed amongst the poor people of the town. Some of the spectators also sustained fatal injuries. Bull-baiting was banned by Act of Parliament in 1833.

My family roots

Among the earliest Bint families in the Shinfield area were those who lived at Bint's Farm, Dunsden at nearby Sonning in the 16th & 17th century. The photo below is from my visit in 1996 when the building was being extensively renovated.

Richard Bint, who died in 1605, had farmed there, and his family's births, deaths and marriages are recorded in the earliest of Sonning's parish registers from the 1590s. I have not however at this time found any recorded link to them. In my view this family is significant because they appear to be the first recorded Bint family in the Wokingham, Shinfield area.

Early wills indicate that they had connections with the West Ilsey and the Ridgeway area sheep farmers.

An early manorial record appears to spell our name as Bynde which may give an indication of its origin.



Bint's Farm near Sonning


The earliest Bint families on Berkshire records were sheep farmers from West Ilsey, Lambourn and villages around the Vale of the White Horse and the Ridgeway. 

William Bint from Shinfield who married Hannah in 1800, fathered the Arborfield family from whom I, Thomas Henry Bint, the son of Thomas William Bint and Ivy Savery, born at my mother's home near Pontypool, South Wales in 1936, and brought up in the Egham, Surrey area, a few miles from my father's birthplace, Sunningdale, am descended. 

My mother's family, the Saverys, have their roots in the Thornbury area of Gloucestershire. Our earliest recorded ancestor was shoemaker John Savery who moved from Berkeley to Cow Hill, Oldbury in the mid 18th century. His descendants include the Elberton 19th century blacksmith's family who founded the Savery's ironmongers business at Thornbury. Luke Savery, my mother's great-grandfather, moved to South Wales in the late 19th century, his family finding work in the Pontypool area's iron smelting and coal mining industry.


The New Zealand family are also descended from the Shinfield and Arborfield, Berkshire Bints. Philip Thomas Bint and his wife Charlotte Allman migrated to Christchurch, New Zealand on the Cardigan Castle in 1876 with their sons, Philip, George and James. Another son, Walter, was born on the voyage. Charlotte gave birth to more children in New Zealand and it from the descendants of this family that I believe there are now far more Bint family members living there than now reside in the UK.

The Cisco, Texas family are descended from William Bint and Magdalen Hansaker who married at Lambourn in 1673. We have no indication from which of the Berkshire families William originated. We do know that she was christened at Lambourn in 1655 the daughter of Charles & Joan Hansaker.They did not have a long marriage as William Bint died in February 1685 leaving her with six children, one of them being Dolphin's ancestor William who was born in 1675. Magdalen herself only lived till February 1687 but left a will bequeathing everything to her mother who was to take care of the children. She seems to have been reasonably wealthy as the estate was valued at 480 pounds which was a fair amount in 1687. Her clothes were worth 10 pounds. 

Dolphin Bint, one of the founding fathers of Cisco, was christened at Lambourn in November 1840 the second son of gamekeeper Charles Bint (born 1802) and Mary Legge (1810) who were married at Childrey in 1836. His older brother was Francis John (born 1837)

The Yorkshire & Eaton families.   A younger son of Henry Bint from Eaton in Berkshire was James Frederick Bint who was born in 1865. He, like his three brothers, was employed as a gamekeeper. James married 16 year old Frances (Fanny) Rose Green (born 1872) from Pendock, Worcestershire at Upton upon Severn in 1888 and their first child Beatrice (1889) was born nearby. Many of their descendants are include in the Yorkshire pages on this site.

Will Bint the music halls comedian, who appeared in the very first Royal Command Performance, and born in Hertfordshire, has no connection to my family tree. He has been added because of enquiries from Canada several years ago about his illegitimate son who as an apparent orphan was sent there. I went on researching after finding this period of Victorian music hall history quite fascinating.


These pages also include families outside our area. I have had many contacts over more than 30 years with people sharing our surname, some with no provable connection, who were making enquiries and sharing information about their family members. That information and some photos has been added.


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