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Charlotte Allman's Album
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Philip, Charlotte and Catherine at Tarata

Out of all the information I have received about the New Zealand Bint family, I personally find this album, with penciled notes added by her daughter Kate and inherited by Stephanie, to be the most exciting with all its previously unpublished photographs. 

It's first page shows Ongar in Essex where their daughter Charlotte met her new Hayward in-laws in 1896. That was the year she married Edward, returning to New Zealand a short time later. 

It seems that Kate Bint added some of the the clippings and the hand-written notes after Charlotte's death. Please excuse my 'rough and ready' display. I could have made some of the pictures smaller for neatness but see no harm in showing them as close as technically possible to the images I received from Stephanie.

I will be making more notes to each photo as data becomes available and also will be reproducing them on their individual family pages.  Tom            My sincere thanks to Stephanie for sharing this unique treasure with us.

Philip & Eliza Bint 
George Bint 
Charlotte Hayward 
Walter Bint 
Catherine Smith 
James Bint 
Lester Bint 
 William Bint

Bertha Bint

Bint Family UK




The Bint family's home at Lemon Street, New Plymouth. The family moved there after Philip's death in 1910




George & Annie Bint


George Bint on the Flying Fox at Purangi

Purangi, a little settlement in the heart of inland Taranaki, was always a challenge to get to.  When the first European settlers hacked their way into their pre- purchased blocks of land, they carved out an eight-foot track that was suitable for sledging and pack horses only.

But then they had the problem of crossing the deep river.

Near the new settlement at Purangi, there was a ford across one part of the river and this was marked by large willow trees growing on each side, but the bank was steep and the clay slippery. Another way to cross was to almost fly over in a special chair. The settlers made a wire rope pulley system with a seat made from boards that was pulled back and forth high above the water. A reporter visiting in 1895 recommended it for travellers.

"Unless in exceptionally fine weather, tourists had better not attempt the ford as a great risk is incurred of being detained on the other side as the river rises very rapidly when rain sets in. The better plan is to leave your horse at Purangi and walk the rest of the journey, crossing the river on what is called the chair on a rope."

The chair was fastened to a rewarewa tree on one side of the river and a post on the other. The passenger was seated on a wooden plank hung by chains, which they used to pull themselves across. It was hard work and the sensation of being 80 feet (24.4 metres) in the air was something to get used to.

"It is to be hoped that a bridge will be built before long as the present means of crossing are both dangerous and may lead to loss of life," wrote the nervous reporter.

Taranaki News 15th of May 2010


Purangi Bridge opened in 1899





Will Bint on the Zig-Zag trail


Beyond Kaimata, Junction road continues for about five miles, and passes over a most picturesque zigzag to the settlement of Tarata, between which and Inglewood there is daily communication by coach. Originally, the site of the village of Kaimata and of the surrounding settlement was covered by dense bush, most of which had been cleared away by the year 1893. It is undulating well watered country, and is in the hands of industrious and prosperous settlers. The Manganui river flows through the settlement, which is in the Huiroa survey district of the Taranaki land district, and is a part of the Moa riding of the county of Taranaki.   Early 20th Century account


Walter Bint, Lily and baby Charlie (Henry Charles) in 1904





Sydney G Smith and Catherine Bint with chief bridesmaid her sister Bertha





Walter's daughter Edina Bint's marriage





Edina Cuff's cottage at Masterton



Laundry Staff - Charlotte in centre?






If the age given for Charlotte is correct, this portrait must have been taken at the studio of Danish born photographer Peter Schourup (1837-1887) at 150 Colombo Street, Christchurch in 1877. She and her family had arrived at Christchurch in January of that year.

Photographic.— Mr Schoroup, photographer, Colombo street, has adopted a new process for improving the appearance and durability of photographs. It is both simple and effective. After a photograph has been mounted, it is placed in a solution of gelatine, which imparts a beautiful glaze to the surface, alike improving the appearance of the picture and affording excellent protection to it from the air. - The Star, Issue 2305, 6 August 1875


'Ongar', Hayward's house at Esplanade Road, Mt Eden


Ann Dickson (nee Lailey) Philip's step-sister

Hi Tom  

I have just spent a very happy hour or two trawling through your Bint family web site. 

My husband, Warwick Hill, is the great great  grandson of  Elizabeth Layley, who as a widow married Philip Bint.  (All the family references here - marriage and birth certs of her daughter - spell it that way, but I have found it in parish records spelt in very many different ways.)

In the last couple of days I have been following up on her daughter, Ann Elizabeth Layley who married Melville Dickson in NZ in 1860.  She migrated to NZ in 1859 on the Zealandia. 

In your "Charlotte's Album" section I was delighted to find a photo of Anne and Melville in Rangiora, where they are both buried.  I have portraits of both of them which correlate closely to the two people standing on the verandah, but had no photo of their home.

As part of my entertaining myself, I was diverted by the Bint family, and was delighted to find that your site confirmed all I knew, and gave me more background to  E Layley.

My initial information had been given to me by Muriel Soanes, a granddaughter of Henry Albert and Eliza Allman, and was very sketchy.  However, it was accurate about the names of most of the children.

So, thank you very much for all the work you have done, and especially for including the photos at such good resolution.  I am very grateful. 

I have a backup website for my data, which I have yet to write up  (I keep getting distracted by finding new information) which I will be very happy to invite you to visit if you wish.  It has outlines of the family, photos and brief research notes - including typos - but you may find something there of use to you.

Thanks again for creating your website      regards Kathy Hill     26th June 2012



The Rawlinson's house on Tariki Road


Walter Bint's father in law Henry Rawlinson and daughter Florrie






Walter Bint's daughter Freda



Bertha's son Philip Gallagher



Charlotte's son Philip Hayward


Emily Hine (nee Allman) - Charlotte's sister



Catherine's husband, Sydney Smith, with the Prince of Wales


Nellie Savage daughter of James & Helen Bint



The Bint siblings assembled in older age - I  have yet to identify them all - Catherine is in the centre and Will is the one with the bushy moustache I believe - haven't yet tried matching the other faces but no doubt Lester and or Walter is probably there.       Stephanie


A 1910 postcard to Charlotte from Brainerd Hayward - It took a while but below it is 100 years later and a Railway Station!



Philip Bint and sons (+ Catherine?) producing building planks at their saw-pit near Tarata


A more mature Charlotte Bint


Young Kate at Tarata School - top row- third from right.


Bertha and Kate at Tarata with dairy cows


Walter Bint at Tarata


From Charlotte's album. Undated but New Plymouth had its first trams in 1916.


The Park first opened in 1876. The style of dress on this postcard suggests it was photographed pre-1914?


Catherine (Kate) Bint's Album


Kate outside the house at Tarata where she was born in July 1892


Many thanks again, Stephanie, for sharing this unique collection of memories and photographs!

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